In November stores and online stores get ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The well-known Black Friday it’s a synonym of purchases and the beginning of Christmas campaigns.

The typical offers of these dates are a perfect opportunity for brands to increase sales. as well as the chance to boost and spread your brand in the digital environment. Either through social networking or your website.

Black Friday

Don’t miss the sales fever and celebrate it with your customers!

In this post, you’ll find some tips and ideas to take advantage and meet your goals with a Cool Promo campaign. Are you ready?

Black Friday benefits for brands

These two dates are synonyms of… SALES!  And these terms boost a special engagement with customers and potential customers, just as much as “free product”. So, you’ve already done part of the work.

But it doesn’t matter how great your promos are if you don’t communicate them properly. In this case, social networks are your greatest allies to help you achieve your marketing goals.

You should think about a specific strategy for your campaigns, as well as prepare them in anticipation, so you are able to: 

  • Increase sales both on your store and online store. How? Making a discount and sales of different products or services.
  • Lead generation. You can make different promos to help you increase your database. Check out our ideas for promos later in this post.
  • Increase website traffic.  Invite customers to know more about your brand on your website. Don’t forget to get everything ready so the shopping process flow is easy for your customers.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Tips

Although the aim is to increase sales, there’re aspects that you should take special care of, so that the customers really enjoy these dates. Who knows, maybe they will repeat next year. So, pay special attention to these details:

  • Plan your campaigns. A successful marketing action doesn’t let space for improvisation.
  • Your online and offline campaigns must take the same direction. It’s very important to make them work together. Don’t forget to tell your employees about the promos you’re launching online, as they will manage the vouchers or coupons campaigns. These days, you’ll all work hard, but there are great rewards waiting for you.   
  • Make sure your website is ready. Online sales must be at the top of your agenda and on these dates, they will increase for sure.  This is why your website must be ready, both in a visual and functional way. 
  • Show off your creativity before the Christmas campaign. Make the most out of these days and update your business. Make clear the promotions and discounts you’re going to offer. You’ll have time to put the Christmas tree after Black Friday!
  • Don’t overwhelm your users with information about Black Friday. Bet on smart and specific communications. 
  • Make the most out of communication through social networks. Change your profile and cover pictures for this special occasion. You can also launch a promo and include it in your profiles.
  • If you want to communicate your different offers prepare a post with information about all of them.

There’re many options but the key lies in making it easy for the customers.

Applicable discount until December 1st

How to spread your Black Friday offers on Social Networks?

Surely this phrase sounds familiar: there is no campaign on social networks that doesn’t have its corresponding hashtag.

When you prepare a campaign on social networks, associate it with a certain hashtag related to your actions will help you spread your offers and promos and to help other consumers, beyond your community, to know more about your brand.

And, what’s better than your own clients’ promotion and good opinions? Turn them into your best ambassadors and encourage them to share their purchases of Black Friday on Twitter and /or Instagram with the hashtag you decide to use.

To activate your hashtag, even more, prepare a raffle around this. Prepare a simple draw among those who share a certain publication. It may be a photo, a text or a video including this hashtag. It’s up to you!

If one of your goals for Black Friday is to viralize your action, we have the perfect promo. Ask users to mention one or more friends in their publication. 

Black friday

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and email marketing

An element you can (and should) include in your Black Friday and Cyber Monday strategy is the email marketing.

Like the rest of your communications, you need to plan your mail marketing campaign. Remember, planning is your new best friend.

To make great communications through email marketing campaigns, check out these tips:

  • Make a previous analysis to check which are the better days and hours to send your newsletter.
  • Segment your database to send personalized emails. Not all of your customers are interested in the same things.
  • Create a sense of expectation with a precampaign. Tell customers you’re going to make great offers.
  • Allow return deliveries and minimize the shipping cost.
  • Choose a responsive design. A great part of users buys through mobile. And you don’t want to miss them, right?
  • Use email marketing in a smart way. Don’t fill the newsletter with dozens of offers, choose the main ones.    
  • Prepare an engaging design according to these dates, but don’t forget your branding. 
  • Select a clear layout. Generally, a columns layout makes reading easier and prioritizes content.
  • Pick a loud subject (CTA) to encourage your users to open the mail. 

The best promos for Black Friday

Discount coupons

Knowing that Black Friday is the kickoff for the Christmas campaign and that  Cyber Monday is also around the corner, we have the perfect promo.

To give out coupons or discount codes can be a very good strategy for attracting users of social networks and new customers. They have an implicit calling effect. And they can enhance the buying impulse effect on commercial dates in which customers already know that discounts will be offered. 

On one hand, you can give out discount codes to your followers on social networks through a simple form. In exchange to complete, for example, their name, surname, and email, they will receive a discount to redeem online or in the physical store.

And, on the other hand, you can choose to include a discount code in the purchase tickets. Those consumers who buy your products or services will take advantage of your promotions and Black Friday discounts. These customers must validate that code through an online promotion in social networks and can receive discounts for future purchases.

Tips for your Black Friday discount coupons promotions:

  1. Customize the discount coupon you are going to distribute.
  2. Communicate your campaign in advance (but don’t be annoying).
  3. Your images and copies must be original.
  4. Be clear in the instructions!
  5. Plan the promotion of your offers
  6. Distribute the codes in a simple way
  7. Customize the validation section of the codes and coupons section

Raffle prizes among your customers during Black Friday

Black Friday offers you the opportunity to boost your social networks. How? Thanks to the collaborative content. If you want to know the experience of your clients during this date, this is your promo.

Propose to users a representative hashtag that is easy to use and remember. Then ask them to share a photo with the product they have purchased or during the purchase process. What do you think about a photo contest with the theme “your Black Friday face?” Ask them to share their photos with that face mix of joy, emotion, and amazement that shows when you discover that the product you really want has the discount of your life.

Organize an Instant Win

And with the aim of attracting followers in social networks and achieving the notoriety of your brand, we propose you one of our favorite competitions: an Instant Win. In this type of scrape contests the participants know at the precise moment they participate if they have won or not.

In addition, the fact of being able to continue participating in the different phases of Instant Win encourages users to keep trying. A high participation is assured!

We advise you to link this type of dynamics with the give out of discount coupons to acquire your products and services. As you can see, there are many options when it comes to promoting your products or services during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Are you ready to celebrate Black Friday on social networks? Create your campaign now!