Instagram Sweepstakes is the application to create contest between your Instagram followers and those users who “Likes” one or more of your photos or videos from your profile.

Instagram Sweepstakes conditions

  • You can only make direct Instagram Sweepstakes between the followers and those users who likes or comment on a post, always in public profiles.

Instagram Sweepstakes price:

Up to 100 participants more than 100 participants
0€ / $0 Available unlimited with any of our plans
(From 20 € / $ 25)
Without report Download report*

* Downloading a report with all data from users who have become part of the contest (in the case that the contest is between followers or users who give likes or comment)

* This option is available only for the paid version of Instagram Sweepstakes. In the report the following user information will appear: username, name, number of followers, following number, number of tweets, profile description, location and personalized URL.

* If you want a report with all data from your followers, check out the possibilities of Page Performance for Instagram.


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