Create custom discount vouchers for the participants in your promo

Up until now, our promos and sweepstakes apps allowed the inclusion of a discount voucher that was the same for all participants, who saw it as an image shown after participating. This is obviously still an option, but now you can create specific vouchers so that every user gets a custom discount code. This option is available for all our promos and sweepstakes apps, except for Cool Promo Lite.

How are the different codes and QR codes for discount vouchers created?

  • It is very easy, in the “Discount Vouchers” section of the settings form in our apps, you may enter one by one all the codes that you want to distribute among participants. You can enter as many as you want and they can be composed by numbers or letters.

Discount vouchers

  • Repeat discount vouchers: Once you have entered all codes that you want to distribute among participants, you may decide whether to stop giving vouchers away or to distribute the same codes again. In the form you will see the option to activate code repetition.
  • Instructions to redeem the voucher: To avoid users having any doubt on what to do with their discount voucher, you’ll have a field in our form for explaining through text, image or video how and where to use it, and what the deadline for using it is. This is the place to add anything you need to precise in connection with the vouchers.

Creating custom discount vouchers is that easy, and the good thing is that as codes start being distributed, you’ll be able to check who already received one in the Excel sheet that we will provide you. This Excel sheet gets updated constantly, and you can access it whenever you want. In order to access it, just log in your Cool Tabs panel and click in the “See participation” icon corresponding to the sweepstakes that you are working on. That way, you’ll access a site where we’ll show you a report with the participations and codes distributed up until that moment.

How are the custom discount vouchers shown to participants in the sweepstakes?

Once they have participated in the specific sweepstakes or promo, the custom voucher with one of the codes entered by the promo’s administrator and with a QR code appears. They can download the voucher in a pdf format, and if the email delivery option has been set, they’ll also receive it in their email address.

The custom discount vouchers shown to participants in the sweepstakes

To see the actual result of setting custom discount vouchers, you may take part in our sample promo: Coupon Code Promotion.

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