Cool Tabs apps used to create promotions and contests allow you to choose a winner in three different ways, as we have previously seen: Manually, randomly and randomly but applying some filters. Despite these three options are very complete, we consider that a very important aspect related with engagement was missing. The question is: Do we want to reward someone who is really loyal to our brand or some expert in contests?

Our new anti-fraud system allows you to block the experts in contests so their participations must be validated by you as an administrator before the participations are disclosed. However, you can opt for not blocking them or for validating some of these participations because you rate them as ideal for your contest because your aim is to attract new fans in order to create a wider community.

Nevertheless, when you award a prize, you normally expect to enhance the loyalty of the person or people awarded, so they feel the connection with your brand. That’s why we have included another functionality when selecting a winner: Exclude the experts in contests from the random draw among all the participants. This option will only be displayed in your winner selection page if there are experts in contests either because you have not blocked them or because you have allowed them to participate. You just need to check the checkbox: “Exclude from sweepstake every participant classified as ‘sweepstake expert” so the selection will be made among the other participants and voters.

Exclude the experts in contests from the random draw among all the participants

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