Imaginarium, the toy store known for its two entrance doors –one for adults and a smaller one for kids- launched in May their campaign 500 Exclusive Gifts in 6 different countries. Users had 31 days to register in this promo, which had a very simple system: 500 gifts to give away in six countries to users whose chances were boosted x2 if they became fans of their page, x3 if they gave their Imaginarium member number, and x4 if they did both. The outcome was so good that over 11 000 people participated just in Spain. That’s why they decided to launch another promo in June, this one for 10 different countries and the title TANGRAM Cookie Recipe Contest.

In Cool Tabs we wanted to find out about what people in Imaginarium have in mind when it comes to starting a promo, so we chatted with Arantxa Barra Tejada, Marketing – Public Relations & Social Media Manager for the brand to hear more about their international promos.

Imaginarium and its International Promos: A Case of Success

We had a high level of participation and are very happy. The challenge now is to create new campaigns that keep getting public attention.

Arantxa Barra Tejada, Marketing – Public Relations & Social Media Manager for Imaginarium

Arantxa, what do you think were the keys to your success in Social Media?

It’s obvious that there are several factors to our success in Social Media. How well known the brand is in certain markets helped us a lot since the beginning. Also, the content is something that we really care about. It’s important to offer information that is useful to our followers. Information about our products needs to be there, but so do special promos, contests, games, and all the media content that we create.

In addition to all of this, there’s this deep, underlying analysis it that we continuously work on to get new followers and spot new opportunities.

Could you tell us about your strategy to build up loyalty among your fans?

As I was saying, it’s a strategy where several aspects converge, but I can say that contents are of paramount importance. A good content strategy is basic in order to retain and increase that loyalty.

And what about those engagement rates?

I think it’s basic to have a contest or app that works easily, and above all, attractive prizes for users.

What are in your opinion the highlights of the campaign 500 Exclusive Gifts that you launched in several countries?

The participation rate was high and we’re really happy. The challenge now is to create new campaigns that keep getting public attention.

How do you thing Cool Tabs’ services helped you?

The app was very well coordinated since the beginning, and what is even more important, the technical support was essential. There were no operational issues, so we’re very happy in that sense. Also, the customization options gave a highly positive touch to the app’s look.

Thank you very much, Arantxa.

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