Why White Label?


For those of you who aren’t experts in the field, White Label (or own brand products) are products from store brands such as ASDA or Walmart. When talking about applications’ creators, the concept is very similar, except that, instead of a supermarket, we’ve got the Facebook Application Center. Let’s get to the point!

What does White Label mean?

When you want to publish any of the tabs created with Cool Tabs, you’ll be given two different publication options: the standard one and the customised or White Label.

Two different publication options


This customised option works pretty much as if Cool Tabs “produced” the application but didn’t put its brand on it. So, when you buy the “White Label” version of any of our promos, what you are basically buying is the service of having your own application using the name and icon you want. As a result, you will enjoy some features, such as your own statistics produced by the application.

What do you need to be able to have a White Label application?

The only requirement you need to meet in order to use this function is to have a Facebook developer account. I know this may sound very difficult, but it’s as easy as following the next steps:

1. Go to the Facebook Developers site and Log In with the Facebook account you want to use.

Go to the Facebook Developers site and Log In

2. On the menu, click on Apps and on the Applications page, click on “Create new application”.

Create new application

3. Let’s now decide the name of your application

Fill in this gap with your “Application’s name”. This is very important, as this name will be seen by all users. The other field is optional and will become the application’s url in a similar way than the following example: http://apps.facebook.com/application-name instead of http://apps.facebook.com/cool-promo/1123. Once you’ve chosen a name, accept the terms and conditions and click on continue.

Fill in this gap with your “Application's name”

*Here you will have to verify your account, providing your mobile phone number or your credit card details. We recommend that you provide your phone number. You will then receive an activation code and continue with the process. You will only need to go through this process when creating an application for the first time. From then on, this step won’t be needed ;)

 4. When you have successfully verified your account: Your application will be ready to be used from Cool Tabs!

In order to be able to work on it, make sure you copy the “App ID” and the “App Secret”, so you can provide these details on the corresponding Cool Tabs form when creating your White Label promo or contest. Don’t forget to save the changes on Facebook. As simple as that!

Copy the

If you are using Cool Tabs, you will need to provide these numbers when publishing your promotions or contests in White Label. When you click on publish on the “Customised or White Label option” (the image displayed at the top of the post), a little form will open for you to provide the App Id and the App Secret. When you fill in this form, you will be using the application you’ve designed to publish the promotion that you have created and programmed in Coo Tabs.

 Add data for a new application 

You only need to create the application on Facebook, following the steps we’ve gone through, to be able to use the “White Label” option.

What is White Label? White Label is you ;) .

White Label is you

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